About Mailfriends

Mailfriends is a project that arose from a simple idea many years ago (1999), using the slogan: just try and see what happens. Now, years later, I, Christoph Ziegenberg, still run this site.

It is easy to develop and maintain a website like Mailfriends, so there were many ups and downs in between. By and by, and with a lot commitment, Mailfriends evolved into a known community for pen friends and e-mail friends.

Mailfriends means a lot of work for me, but I like to do it. I have a normal job and so I invest much of my free time into this project - because I am convinced of the idea, because I would like to develop communication between people around the world, and not least because this project is fun, too.

My goals for Mailfriends

Initially, there was no real purpose - just an idea. And it was fun to realize this idea. I added several improvements and realized new ideas, but still without a specific intention. Mailfriends simply moved along this way for the first three years.

With the increasing number of members, the work for Mailfriends increased sharply, while the financing by advertising became more difficult. This endangered the continued existence of Mailfriends and it was clear: Things can not go. I believed in Mailfriends and decided to continue the website, while a former friend and partner in this project no longer wanted to participate.

Gradually I formed out an ambitious goal: I planned to develop Mailfriends to get one of the largest communities for pen friends and e-mail friends, international and multicultural. And it was very important to me to make the offer available for free, without the waiving of best privacy standards and protection of minors (as some other websites unfortunately do).

The development of the current version took several years, so I had to invest a lot of time and money in this project. Thus, I also need to stabilize the revenue - to pay off these investments, and to ensure the daily operation of Mailfriends, the future development, and that most services can be made available for free.

Some people sometimes forget that someone has to pay the bill for freely available Internet offers - which can eventually lead to the extinction of these offers. But I think that most of you appreciate my work and I hope that some of you are willing to actively support Mailfriends - whether through active contribution or financial support in the form of an order of the voluntary Premium Membership.